Silence of the Second Voice

by Isotherme

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released February 22, 2016

Silence of the Second Voice
An observation of swallowed words, floral nightmares, brothers and sisters, and the 4 Elements.

All music, instruments, words, recitation, production and programming by Jeffrey Kirn.
Recorded at home in 2015.

Special thanks to:
Laura, Julian and Susannah for their patience, love and support
Earl, Sharon, Jennifer and Jill for their love and support
Eric, Ed, Greek and Kees for decades of musical friendship
My musical, literary and professional friends and partners in the flesh and in cyberspace
Chris Smith for her fantastic cover photo and encouragement
Anyone who has given my music an ear

This album is dedicated to the memory of Chris Squire.
Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

Front cover photo copyright Chris Smith
Visit for Chris' photography and writing

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all rights reserved


Isotherme New York

Experiments in electronic musical texture, ghost ambient and sound collage.

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Track Name: L'Enfant du Milieu
Karis glanced at her big brother. She observed the way Will’s breathing and grinding of his teeth made his temples expand and contract, as if he were a fish with furry blond gills. She admired his concentration and Karis sat fidgeting with her brown hair at the dining room table across from Will, who was making yet another erasure to the kid’s crossword from yesterday’s news.
“What’s a 4 letter word for ‘pain’”?, Will asked himself. “Antelope!” Karis shouted. “I saw a show on TV and these men were hunting antelope. It looked painful.” Will sneered, “Antelope has more than four letters. Can’t you see that?”
Karis continued stroking her hair with a toy comb, occasionally eyeing her reflection in the window to assess the folly. “Hmmm. Does it really start with an “a”? If it started with “h” it could be “hurting,” Karis offered.
“What?” snapped Will. “You don’t know anything. I think Peter is crying in the kitchen. Did Mom change his diaper when he woke up?” Karis bit her bottom lip and twirled her hair between two fingers.
“I can’t think here with you bugging me.” Will stood and collected his pencil and eraser as he headed for the door. “Mom! Karis wants to help you.” Leaving the dining room, he mumbled, “Seven down. Hmmmm. A common shape of stop sign. Seven letters. The third letter is ‘t’.” Will’s footsteps faded as he ambled further down the hardwood hallway toward his bedroom.
Karis heard his bedroom door shut, just barely, over the crying of her toddler bother, Peter, who was either hungry or was packing a full load.

Catching another glance of her reflection in the dining room window, Karis knelt before the cold square panes and gazed into the dark evening outside. She stuck her nose against the window and slowly backed away, and with each inch in reverse, the blackness of twilight gave way to the outline of her face. The shape of her chin. The gauze of her two eyes peering into the glass.
She puckered her lips into a kiss and then exhaled, fogging up the window and blurring her distorted mirror image further, and with one final breath, Karis made her likeness in the glass disappear--- overrun by clouds of dark condensation, as if she were now part of the unsettled night.
She rose to her feet and walked slowly, exiting the dining room, and she progressed through the hallway. Karis’ eyes widened, her thoughts blazed, her lips curled into a grin and her heart began to sprint.

Karis stopped outside Will’s bedroom and knocked.
“Yeah, who is it?” Will sneered.
“Can I come in? I have something to tell you.”
Will’s throat cleared from behind the door. “No, I’m not changing Peter again. Your turn.”

Karis turned the doorknob and opened just enough to place her head inside Will’s bedroom.
Will looked up at her. Their gazes locked, yet their tongues remained still. Silent.
She looked down at him. Will looked up at her. For once in her life, he looked up to her. Up.